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We offer high quality, handcrafted and timeless artistic creations, and upholding the essence of luxury is what we thrive on.

Vaanya bansal - founder

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  • Niytanshi Sharma- Allahabad, India

    The resin bookmark was just made to perfection. The quality was really great. I absolutely loved it. The detailing was so good and I really liked the way it was customized with my name. Highly recommended!

  • Manan Chawla- Brighton, UK

    Mere words could never express the joy my friend got when I gifted her the resin monogram lamp, photoframe, name keychain and bookmark. The spotify link on the photoframe was so unique. She absolutely loved the keychain with her name on it. She is so happy after receiving the gift!

  • Riya Wadhawan- Melbourne, Australia

    I am a big fan of art and I absolutely loved the Mandala frame. The detailing is so amazing. I hung it in my living room and received so many compliments. Would definitely buy again.

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