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Vaanya Bansal is an artist based in India. Her artwork focuses on handcrafted resin products ranging from Resin Clock to Mantra Frames, and from Name Plates to Tables, as well as hand drawn illustrations ranging from mandalas to zentangles.

Her creative journey began 4 years ago when a form of art, the Mandala, caught her attention. She did extensive research on this art form and since then, there has been no looking back.

It wasn't easy to take such a decision after pursuing graduation in Economics, but she realized where her true interest lay and what just started as an interest turned into a passion and is now a career.

A few months into this field, and she came across Resin Art, which intrigued her to explore this art form further. After exploring it, she started her Resin Art journey as well. Today, she is a full-time Mandala and Resin Artist.

Our vision:  To bring happiness and a feeling of extravagance to the people, at all times.

Our mission: To create timeless artistic pieces while upholding the integrity of pure luxury with responsive service.